Counseling/Student Services


Mission Statement

"The Novi School District Guidance and Counseling Department in collaboration with students, parents, staff, and community, will increase attitudes, skills, and knowledge as a foundation for success in healthy relationships, academics and careers."

Counseling Secretaries:

Phone: 248-449-1516
Grades 9/10 Beth Hogan,
Grades 11/12 Mary DePotter,

Counselor AssignmentS:

Counselors are assigned by the first letter of the student's last name. Please check the chart below to determine your counselor.

Class of 2018

Mr. Michael Zelinski             A-C
Ms. Erin Boedeker               D-H
Ms. Sarah Lephart               I-L
Mrs. Andrea Tobis               M-R
Ms. Lori Ultch                     S-Z

Class of 2020

Mr. Michael Zelinski               A-C
Ms. Erin Boedeker                 D-J
Ms. Sarah Lephart                K-Ma
Mrs. Andrea Tobis                 Mc-Se
Ms. Lori Ultch                        Sh-Z


Class of  2019

Mr. Michael Zelinski        A-C; X-Z
Ms. Erin Boedeker          D-H
Ms. Sarah Lephart          I-N;W
Mrs. Andrea Tobis          O-R
Ms. Lori Ultch                 S-V

Class of 2021

Mr. Michael Zelinski              A-C
Ms. Erin Boedeker                D-I
Ms. Sarah Lephart                J-Ma
Mrs. Andrea Tobis                Mc-Se
Ms. Lori Ultch                        Sh-Z




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