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Reflections of Creating a Strawbee Bridge with Keva Planks

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Destiny Online

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Hour of Code at Novi Woods Elementary

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Osmo Masterpiece 
Osmo Newton
Survey on Curoisity Kits

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              Pre-Reader Course

This class supports Pre-K through 1st grade

               Selecting the Right Course

There are multiple courses for elementary students


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S.T.E.A.M. Makers...

KEVA Planks

KEVA planks instantly transform libraries into engaging, interactive learning spaces. Quiet unguided construction or activities that bring stories, STEM and Art to life. Click on the link above to find out more.



Makey Makey Kit- What is Makey Makey?
Just Starting? Click Here
Makey Makey - PacMan

Makey Makey Music

Play some bongo drums with the space bar and left arrow. Turn anything into a drum!
A piano designed for Makey Makey. Play a melody with the arrow keys and space bar (and click, too).
More Advanced Piano A sampling synth for Makey Makey. Record your own sound, use preset scales, and set the keys to play just the notes you want.
Chamber Music Piano You can play 10 different notes on this piano using w, a, s, d, f, left, up, right, down, and space. Play along for a piano duet!

Insulators and Conductors



Apps to Use OSMO Code, OSMO Numbers, OSMO Letters, OSMO Tangrams







Accelerated Reader

AR and STAR Student and teacher log-in page.

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Search for a book on our Online Card Catalog...
Destiny Online Destiny Quest

Everyday Math 


Search for K-4 Electronic Resources and eBooks


Michigan eLibrary Britannica On-line Encyclopedia School Code MeL5

Find information on countries, animals, and people in articles, media, and a world atlas. Watch and learn with videos, games, and activities.

Britannica School - Elementary: Grades 3-4

Britannica School - Learning Zone: Pre K - 2nd grade

Reading is Important Every Day!! Curl up and Read, Read, Read -
Print or Online Books at


BookFLIX- on MEL for Kids Fiction/Nonfiction Books Online for Kids
What is BookFLIX? Directions to login to BookFLIX at Home
Notable Children's Books
What Kids Are Reading,
(free download)


Kindergarten Words
Sounds with Clifford
Alphabet Letters
Read a Story with a Friend
Design your favorite character
Play with Curious George
Dr. Seuss
Letter and Word Recognition

1st Grade

Jan Brett

Meet Author- Jan Brett
Gingerbread Baby Video
Characters in a Book- People in the Story
Gingerbread House
Jan Brett Gingerbread House

Bees and Honey Mouse Practice
Words for First Graders
Fun to Read
Read a Story with a Friend
The Hat and the Mitten
Compare Fiction and Nonfiction
Summer Skills Practice

2nd Grade

What's the Word
Words for Second Graders
I Spy!
Read a Story with a Friend
Fiction or Nonfiction
Books Online
Summer Skills Practice


Jonathan London

Typing Practice at Home:

Alpha Munchies...Typing Practice
Dance Mat Typing
Cup Stacking Typing

3rd Grade

Words for Third Graders
Mapping the United States
Practice Your Typing
Cup Stacking Typing
More typing
Summer Skills Practice
Zoo Books
National Geographic Kids
Time for Kids
Working with an Atlas
Animal Research #1
Animal Research #2

PBL Online Resources- Michigan Brochures

Michigan Websites for Research

Pure Michigan

Michigan Facts from the

Kids InfoBits Information on current events, the arts, science, health, people, government, history, sports and more.
Fact Monster- Michigan Information
Michigan State Games

4th Grade

Place the State Game
Mapping the United States
Learn About the States with iPad
Michigan Facts from the
National Geographic for Kids
Zoo Books
Animal Research #1
Animal Research #2
Britannica School - Elementary: Grades 3-4
Learn the USA Regions

State Research #2

State Research #3

Mapping the 50 States

Sites for Legends, Myths, Fairytales
Storyline Online
Online Graphic Novels:
Inanimate Alice
Myths and Legend


Typing Practice at Home:

AlphaMunchers...Typing Practice
Dance Mat Typing

Mini Society Practice

Lemonade Stand

Biography Websites

Biographies of Great African-Americans

Biographies for Kids

BookFlix- on MEL for Kids Fiction/Nonfiction Books Online for Kids
Looking for a great book for your Child to Read?
Newberry Award Winners
Caldecott Award Winners
Top 100 Books of all times
Book Adventure
Leveled Book List

3rd and 4th Grade


Grades K-4

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